Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Dates Employed: March 2016 – Present

Employment Duration: 4 years 4 months

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Innokids ( Under construction

We are approaching to a future of unemployment due to the emergence of artificial intelligence, rise of robots (RoR) where most of the repetitive and labor intensive jobs will fade away soon. To combat this uncertainty, job creation and self-employment through self-education can be a solution via Innokids.

Innokids means innovative kids who will learn empathy, active compassion, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, basic business skills, STEM at their early life in primary school. We target this age cohort as kids pass massive sensory development at this stage which infuses ample quest for learning innovation. We are instilling the ideas to grow with a changed mentality that is-“It’s not too early to be your own boss and be a kidpreneur”. We also help them to grow with a motto which is “we are not job seekers; we are job creators for us & for the community”.

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